Ain’t Enough Bourbon is a dark, brooding, and country-banging rock EP told along all the back roads that take you in between a bar stool and a bottle, and a barn and a pair of boots. Filled with the sounds of searing electric guitars, smoldering bass tones, and steadily seductive drums, it sizzles straight from your speakers - especially when that organ hits and it lights up the darkness like sheet lightning.


And just like a good shot of whiskey, this record leaves you with a lingering heat. A burn that comes from the haunted dance-pop undertones of Howl, and the strong often uncontrollably-fierce female characters in Can’t Bottle Me Up and Weather Alert who make you stand up and swear you’ll never apologize for being yourself ever again.


To cap it all off, it doesn’t matter if she’s belting out the high notes of I’ll Bring the Bourbon (You Bring the Boots), or cooing soft and low in Love Was Meant to Burn, Erin Bonnie delivers authenticity and character at every vocal turn. So grab your favorite bottle of brown, crank your speakers, and listen to the lyrics, the rhythms, the hits and the hard-worn characters of the Ain’t Enough Bourbon EP.


Vocals: Erin Bonnie

Drums: Victor Hernandez

Bass: Henri Young

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar: Parker Goessling

Organ: Masataka Yamamoto

Produced and Engineered by Blain Crawford at the Record Company in Boston, MA

Assisted by Fang Fang

Mastered by Tom Waltz at Waltz Online Mastering

Photography by Devin L Clark

Tracks 1,2,3 written by Erin Bonnie

Tracks 4,5,6 written by Erin Bonnie & Benjamin Johnston