As a born-and-bred third-generation Montanan, who after ten plus years in New England self-identifies as a not-so-moderate tried and true Masshole,  Erin Bonnie brings to Boston a rural western background in American Roots Music traditions. That background adds a warm vintage vibe and casual ease to her East Coast modern approach to songwriting. 


With two albums under her oft-buckled belt, her sound blends elements of singer-songwriter, blues, folk, country, and rock. Her songs tend to take you through an ever changing landscape of fiddle strings, funky rhythms, and belted melodies that are paired with storytelling lyrics that undulate and pulse with larger ultimate truths. 


When she's not at home brewing single-origin coffees one glorious cup at a time, playing Dungeons and Dragons with her best forever ladies, or at work professing songwriting tools and techniques to the next generation of artists coming out of the the Berklee College of Music, you can catch her from Cambridge to Connecticut at Erin Bonnie headlined shows, or as a supporting musician for Boston's own country diva Elisa Smith. 

Erin Bonnie

ain't enough bourbon

Ain’t Enough Bourbon is a dark, brooding, and country-banging rock EP - a step outside of Erin Bonnie’s typical American Roots style. The songs and the sounds are told along every back road that takes you in between a bar stool and a bottle, and a barn and a pair of boots.


Featuring an all-star cast of Boston-based recording artists, the record is filled with searing electric guitars by Parker Goessling, smoldering bass tones by Henri Young, and seductively steady drum grooves by Victor Hernandez. With Erin Bonnie belitng it out on lead vocals, the whole sound of it will sizzle straight from your speakers - especially when guest studio musician Masataka Yamamoto takes over on organ and lights up the darkness like sheet lightning.


So get ready to grab your favorite bottle of brown, crank your speakers, and listen to the lyrics, the rhythms, the hits and hard-worn characters of Ain’t Enough Bourbon.


Erin Bonnie is an Assistant Professor of Songwriting at the Berklee College of Music. In addition to her work on the Berklee campus, she also facilitates a lyric writing course for Berklee Online. 

take what's mine

Take. What’s. Mine.


These three words signify a journey through a complex spectrum of emotions, experiences, and ideas that define Erin Bonnie and her music.


They’re the result of the support of her peers, her family, and her friends. A representation of a struggle with self-confidence and identity. A message to anyone who’s ever made her question why she is where she is, or why she does what she does.


They’re not an explanation, and
they’re not an apology. 
They’re three words that signify an artist making her
mark on the Boston Music scene in a way that will not soon be forgotten.

Produced and Recorded by Daniel Cardinal of Jamaica Plain’s very own Dimension Sound Studios (Josh Ritter, Joy Kills Sorrow, Twisted Pine, Mark Erelli, amongst others), “Take What’s
Mine” features ten songs written by Erin Bonnie in her signature alt-americana sound that blends elements of the blues, folk, country, and rock. And not just any ten songs - ten songsthat have been nearly ten years in the making.

“Wedding Gown,” the album’s lead track with its pulsing Graceland-esque percussion and twangy country guitar, is the oldest song on the record, written back in 2010 when Erin Bonnie
hailed Montana as her home before moving to Boston to attend the Berklee College of Music.


Ten years later, now a songwriting student turned professor, we hear the evolution of an artist in her most recently-written track “Take What’s Mine,” featuring distorted vocals and ripping electric fiddle supported by ear-catching riffs and a groove that won’t quit.

Sound disjointed? Surprisingly that variation in style, the growth in sound, and the mix of acoustic and electric elements weave together and knit a sonic fit that’s just right, giving us a cohesive and all-encompassing look at an artist who has been quoted as providing “easily some
of the best Americana coming out of Boston right now.”

elisa smith

Elisa Smith is a country rock n roll artist hailing from Boston, MA. Her songs elicit feeling of nostalgia, pride, wanderlust, heartbreak, and good ol’ fashioned boot-stompin’ mischief.


Rock n roll and vintage country run in her blood, so it makes a whole lotta sense that her sound has been likened to Loretta Lynn meets Led Zeppelin.


In addition to rockin’ the stage together with a five-piece live band, Elisa and Erin gig out as an acoustic duo, bringing their more classic country sound to the Greater Boston and New England area. While still focusing on original material, they tend to bust out their favorite throwback covers of the Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, and Loretta Lynn variety.


Their strong harmony vocals add depth and complexity to their intimate two-piece, providing a musical experience that’s not to be missed!