Erin Bonnie

Erin Bonnie is an active singer-songwriter and fiddle player in the Boston music scene, performing at local venues such as Atwood’s Tavern and the historic Club Passim. With a background in American Roots Music traditions, such as old time and bluegrass, she brings a vintage vibe to her modern approach to songwriting on the fiddle. 


She has Nashville recording experience with Grammy-winning and Platinum-status recording artists including Johnny Duke of Little Big Town and Laur Joamets of Sturgill Simpson, which can be heard on Elisa Smith’s debut EP Hitch a Ride. In addition, she has worked closely with local Boston producers Daniel Cardinal of Dimension Sound Studios, and Sean McLaughlin of 37’ Productions. 


Earning her Professional Diploma in Songwriting and Fiddle from the Berklee College of Music in 2014, Erin has been playing fiddle and violin for over 25 years, studying both classical music and traditional folk music. Her educational background includes 13 years of study in the Suzuki Violin Method, private instruction and symphonic experience at the University of Montana, and fiddle instruction from a variety of Berklee professors and visiting artists. 

Take What's Mine

Take. What’s. Mine. These three words signify a journey through a complex spectrum of emotions, experiences, and ideas that define me and my music. They’re the result of the support of my peers, my family, and my friends. A representation of a struggle with self-confidence and identity. A message to anyone who’s ever made me question why I am where I am, or why I do what I do. They’re not an explanation, and they’re not an apology. Take What’s Mine - these three words are the title of my first full-length album.


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Released in February 2019, Ain’t Enough Bourbon is a dark, brooding, and country-banging rock EP composed of all-original material written by Erin Bonnie - a step outside of her typical American Roots comfort zone. The songs and the sounds are told along every back road that takes you in between a bar stool and a bottle, and a barn and a pair of boots. Featuring the all-star cast of The Tiny Little Lies, the record is filled with searing electric guitars by Parker Goessling (also featured on acoustic), smoldering bass tones by Henri Young, and seductively steady drum grooves by Victor Hernandez. With Erin Bonnie belting it out on lead vocals, the whole sound of it will sizzle straight from your speakers - especially when guest studio musician Masataka Yamamoto takes over on organ and lights up the darkness like sheet lightning.


Production credits go to the one and only Blain Crawford, who rocked the board over at the Record Company in Boston, MA, along with his inimitable assistant recording engineer Fang Fang. 


The EP is available for streaming on all major media services including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Itunes. So get ready to grab your favorite bottle of brown, crank your speakers, and listen to the lyrics, the rhythms, the hits and the hard-worn characters of Ain’t Enough Bourbon.

Elisa Smith is a country rock 'n' roll artist hailing from Boston, MA. Her songs elicit feelings of nostalgia, pride, wanderlust, heartbreak, and good ol' fashioned boot-stompin' mischief. Rock n roll and vintage country run in her blood, so it makes a whole lotta sense that her sound has been likened to Loretta Lynn meets Led Zeppelin. That's especially true when she's hittin' the stage with her full 5-piece band The Tiny Little Lies, made up of Erin Bonnie on fiddle and backup vocals, Victor Hernandez on drums, Henri Young on bass, Parker Goessling on electric guitar, and Elisa herself on acoustic guitar and lead vocals.  

In April of 2017, Elisa hit the road with Erin Bonnie in tow, and headed to Nashville to record her debut EP Hitch A Ride. The EP was produced and engineered by Johnny Duke, a gifted producer and guitar player who has played, recorded, and toured with some of the biggest national acts in today's country world - Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, and Chris Stapleton, among others - and was recorded at his home studio, Spirit Radio, in East Nashville, TN. 

Elisa is currently recording her Country Rock Opera titled Verne's Little Lie, a cautionary tale of love, heartbreak, whiskey, and murder. The EP features her Boston-based live band the Tiny Little Lies, and was recorded and produced by Sean McLaughlin of 37' Productions. The 3-song country saga is set to be released in the spring of 2020.  

Outside of the full band setting, Erin and Elisa gig out as an acoustic duo, bringing a more classic country sound to the greater New England area. While still focusing on original material, the two tend to bust out their favorite throwback covers of the Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard, and Loretta Lynn variety. Their strong harmony vocals add depth and complexity to their intimate two-piece, providing a musical experience that's not to be missed. 


Erin Bonnie is an Assistant Professor in the Songwriting Department at The Berklee College of Music where she teaches lyric writing. In addition to her work on the Berklee campus, she also facilitates a course for Berklee online.  She earned her Professional Diploma in Songwriting and Fiddle from the Berklee College of Music in 2014. She has been playing fiddle and violin for 25 years, studying both classical music and traditional folk music, and has been writing and co-writing original songs for over 10 years.


Her educational background includes 13 years of personal study in the Suzuki Violin Method with Missoula, Montana Symphony Orchestra member Suzanne Hartzell, private violin lessons with University of Montana violin professor Margaret Baldridge, and fiddle instruction from a variety of Berklee professors and visiting artists, including Mimi Rabson, Melissa Howe, Rob Thomas, Jason Anick, Darol Anger, Matt Glaser, Bruce Molsky, and Mark Simos. Her songwriting mentors include esteemed Berklee faculty Pat Pattison, Mark Simos, and Caroline Harvey.


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For questions about teaching opportunities or private instruction in fiddle or songwriting, please reach out via my contact form. 

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