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Erin Bonnie Is Taking What's Hers

A roots crooner with a feminist rock edge, Erin Bonnie is an alt Americana-mama singer-songwriter and fiddle player with style and presence to boot. With a background in American Roots Music traditions, such as old time, country and bluegrass, she brings a vintage folk appeal to her modern approach to songwriting.


Based in Newton, MA, you can find her exploring the New England stage circuit from farmers markets to saloons, setting the scene solo style, or harmonizing in her distinct low dulcet tones as part of the classic country duo Elisa Smith & Erin Bonnie.


Career highlights include an Honorable Mention in the American Songwriter Magazine lyric writing competition for her song Drunk on Love, and placing her song Love Was Meant to Burn on the popular television drama series Young and the Restless. In addition she is an Assistant Professor teaching Songwriting at the esteemed Berklee College of Music.  

Read more about Erin Bonnie and her journey here

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